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Resting ECG
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Resting ECG

The IQmark Digital ECG System is easy to use. The following are the steps involved:
  • Open IQmark Workstation
  • Click New Patient, or Patient File and double click the patientís name
  • Enter patient data
  • Prepare the patient
  • Click New Test
  • Select ECG, enter technician name and requesting physician name, then click OK
  • Wait for the ECG tracings to pass the screen twice (about 20 seconds)
  • Click Analyze to capture and analyze the ECG
  • An ECG report is automatically stored when the green box next to ECG Report is solid
  • Either print the ECG and/or send it by encrypted e-mail to Dr. Schneider
  • Dr. Schneider will confirm the ECG computer interpretation and return it by encrypted e-mail, usually on the same day
  • Open the e-mail and click on the attachment
  • The ECG will automatically replace the unconfirmed ECG in the database