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A complete solution for managing resting electrocardiograms

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  • Rapid Read ECG uses the IQmark Digital ECG system that allows you to save and send the ECG by e-mail to Dr. Schneider. Dr. Schneider confirms the ECG diagnosis, compares it to the patientís previous ECG and electronically signs it allowing no future alterations to the report. He then returns the confirmed ECG by encrypted e-mail.
  • The ECG file is created by the IQmark Digital ECG software and can only be opened with that software.
  • Each unit includes an IQmark Digital ECG system, secure laptop, printer and cart.
  • The ECGs are stored on the secure laptop and previous ECGs can be accessed by searching the database.
  • Rapid Read ECG uses an encryption software that allows both whole disk encryption and e-mail encryption.
  • For further information, please call (403) 613-4632